Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a few things about camwhoring.

note: to avoid people finding this post offensive. i'll use my own pictures (yeah laugh!), photoshop them and well yeah.
my neighbours would be wondering why the hell am i doing this.

1. Use good quality photographs, DONT USE PHOTOS WITH

-too much noise

the reason why your photo turns out like that is because:
1. you increased the contrast and it made your skin tone look like an orange.

2. you gone through alot of filters and made your photo turn out like crap.

3. or maybe you want to purposely add noise to your photo (well then i have absolutely nothing to say except this: WHY ARE YOU WASTING SUCH A GOOD CAMERA?)

-Too much photoshop brushes which you think it makes it so pretty, honestly it just makes your face look uglier. (prepare to see a HORRIBLE photo. i was trying not to throw up when i was photoshopping this.)

OKAY maybe typing "omg! flowers!" is wrong.

i should have put
"guess who? XOXO"

2. Wear clothes that are decent, and if you think what you are wearing looks like crap on that day, change or just take half body shots, then it wont be so bad.

-sorrry i just had to use other people's photos.

i couldnt let myself put on clothes likes those.

or hair like that even.

or make up rather.....

there's absolutely nothing wrong with camwhoring, you just need to know how to use photoshop if you WANT TO use it.and if you want your photos to be all funky, just stick to brushes in photoshop(but not too much) and leave out the filters shall we?and please dont waste the people's efforts in making the camera really clear with all that megapixels. So let's just stick to the good quality and if you think you are really pretty, avoid all that photshop crap thanks.

i thought this post would be longer. but i guess i'll edit it sooner or later.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the last time i'll ever get to eat


okay lah maybe not, but in this place anyway. Every saturday, we'd have chemistry and physics tuition at BVR from 9 am to 1.30 pm, with a half hour break in between.
and during that half an hour break, we eat at Nasi Kandar Spring which is right next to our tuition place. Well we had to move our Saturday class to today because most of us have something going on on Saturday and can't make it.
either way, everytime when we have tuition at that place, we would order the usual
roti tissue which is a thinner version of roti canai. It's basically a thin layer of bread dough deep fried.

The guy in the background is my friend, Karl Shern.

ayam goreng (fried chicken)

teh tarik (tea which is pulled to give it a frothy texture)
limau ais (lime juice)
roti canai and maggi goreng
but today, Sue Ann and Li Shan went to buy blueberry cheese tarts from a nearby bakery. Sadly i didn't ask where they bought it, i regret that though.

Because they look sooo nice, well i'm really hungry and just exercised, this is how i feed my hunger.

That's Zetty and in the background Li shan.

This is Sue Ann (she's so going to kill me if she knows this photo is here)

the after effect and all that only cost 23 ringgit. (omg 3 pounds for all this food)

okay after tuition i had to eat lunch with my mom, i didnt eat though, i was still very full.

She ate this.

fish head bee hoon (fish head with vermicelli)

the soup was very nice though eventhough i dont fancy fish, it was sour and sweet and savoury at the same time.
My mom ordered the mixed version, fried fish, fish, fish ball, everything inside and that costs 10 ringgit.

and for the drinks, lime juice and soya cincau for 1.50 ringgit each.
the place is called ss20 fish head noodle, at damansara utama, but somewhere near TTDI.
opening hours :
mondays to saturdays : 10 am to 4 pm
public holidays and sundays : 10 am to 10.30 pm

that's all for today.

Monday, October 29, 2007

camera taking whore

"just call me the photographer lah"
"no she's a pirate whore"


last night was Wai Kit's Bday.

he called the entire Dickens class to come but only 14 of us showed up. Only 2 girls came, Me and Najwa. But it's all good. Most of us reached TGIF at The Curve at about 8-9 pm or so. We ordered our food and waited for the rest of the freaks or as Wai Kit would say the dicks.

and some of us had to leave really early (9.30). So we called them to sing for Wai Kit and coincidentally there were 3 people who were celebrating their birthdays in TGIF as well, so we heard the song 3 times.
He definitely knew what the waiters were going to do when they crowded around our table, but
he never knew that he was suppose to stand on the table.

then they asked him to blow the candle of the cake but i didnt manage to take a photo of that though.

they gave him a piece of chocolate cake, but it dont look too delicious.
but it's free after all.
Mr Pang finally came and we took a couple of pictures.

then off to laundry.

Mr Pang had to work the next day so he left right after we sat down and ordered our drinks.
Some of us went to buy donuts, some of us sat there and talk, some of us (only 2 lah) went to smoke.

the curve always look pretty at night, even if its raining dont you think?

i mean the chocolate ones are guilty enough but look at the last one.
"is that just sugar on top?" - Me.
"no i'm sure there's sugar filling as well." - Jackson.

oh god.

sadly i forgot to ask money from my mom. Daniel, Najwa and me wanted to buy Wai Kit something, but everything we chose was to expensive, i only had 60 ringgit after all. So i ended up buying him a drink.
CLOCKWISE in the picture: Chee Chee (wai kit's, i think it's pina colada with something else), Frozen Lotion (i think), Strawberry Splash (it's damn sour), Casablanca and my Lychee Martini. AND the people in the picture : Jian Wai, Adrian Tan and Jim.
After that everyone had to leave, and only Aisar, Hengli, Ian and me were left. So off to starbucks. But then Ian had to leave right after he ordered his drink. So that just leaves the 3 of us.

we should have this every week. even during study leave.

eh why not during SPM?


Sunday, October 28, 2007

new blog.

old blog.

sick of xanga.

Hi aslongasiamalive! It's been 969 (wow, that's a big number) days since you joined Xanga... won't you support us by going Premium?


i moved because i couldnt put ads on my blog, since xanga is changing to a new system which doesn't even allow the site counter, fishcan, etc.

that blog will still be used for protected posts.



buns (= that's just a piece i took out i didnt use a knife, i didnt need to. haahha.


the dough was pretty hard to make very sticky and you're suppose to make it into a ball. again let it rest for 25 minutes. Take 1/3 of the dough and roll it out and put it in the pan.


and the other roll it out into a rectangle and then spread butter,cinnamon,sugar all over it like so.


spreading the thing was sooo guilty.


but it was so worth it. roll up the dough (like how you make a swiss roll) and cut it up and put it in the pan


it looks damn digusting i know. but put it in the oven and it smells divine!

take it out and it makes your house smell like heaven.






byeeee :D



wait that's not it. okayyyy let's start from the beginning shall we? this morning, tiffany came to my house to study/eat/gocrazy etc. I wanted to make pizza at 1st but, she doesn't eat mammals and pizza has ham, so no to pizza.

This is one of Nigella Lawson's recipes. It's call Garlic and Parsely Heathbreads

i modified it a little and put mix herbs. well this took pretty long to make, i make the dough let it rest for an hour. made the garlic and parsely mixture,


came back and let it rest for another 10 minutes, and then 25 minutes,


AND FINALLY into the oven. (not yet) put on the herbs, garlic and lots of olive oil.



FINALLY into the oven.


wait for 20 minutes and then..


i didn't take much photos of the bread, becaue it smelled sooo yummy and well i just couldnt't help myself. until i saw the edges.


uh-oh, flip it over and you'll see.


so we basically ate the top of the bread and left the bottom burnt parts.


so in order to redeem myself, i made,


(clockwise from top) : hot cocoa, cappucino, latte (it looked nice before tiffany drank it =P)

well that's all for today.


note: chemistry, fashion and cooking do not mix well.