Monday, July 14, 2008


me, ching and minde left corus hotel at 8.00 am, we went on the bus and the seats were pretty comfy, well if you're willing to pay 160 ringgit for AEROline, you'll get a comfy first class 5 hour bus ride to singapore!

We pretty much slept through the first half of the bus ride until we stopped for a toilet break.

and we came back we took over the conference room, which has sofas! haha the bus had 2 decks, seats upstairs and conference room and toilet downstairs. We wanted to take photos of us with the bus, but we were too lazy hhaha.

so here's a picture of the conference room , with ching in the picture, she just wants to be in it. heh

so here are the sofas! and trust me, i tried taking a photo of the conference room, without ching's face in it, i tried...

the bus also has it's own mini kitchen to heat your food up!

we had subway for breakfast haha, but unfortunately subway in malaysia sucks. The bread isn't as soft and fresh as the ones they have in UK.


at around 1 pm, we officially reached singapore! and this person here came to get us!

dana! ahhaha we left our stuff at her place, and went to takashimaya for lunch!
and then we met up with alan!
we made a mistake of eating thai for lunch though, because there was a food fest right downstairs, and there was soo many good food.
the amount of food we stuffed in our face is crazy.
the amount of food products we bought was just insane..

after eating all this good food, i thought to myself
i wouldn't mind living here, no no I wanna move here!

and here we are, literally stuffing our faces.
after that we went to heeren, to buy flip flops and just walk around


after that we went back to dana's place, because minde forgot to take the tickets for gary's concert.
both me and dana didn't know who the guy was, but we tagged along anyway.
we seriously didn't know who this gary was, all we knew is that he got an award, and that he was ugly hahahaha. And just before the concer started, we listened to his song for the 1st time.

and every concert is never complete with glowing sticks! and with dana and me there, we had to take photos!

about an hour later, out comes gary, with his red hair, pink suit, orange pants.

unfortunately, i couldnt zoom and all i got was a blurry picture of him, you couldnt really see his face. But the concer was good, filled with emo music and some upbeat songs, but his voice is truly heavenly, i swear i would have melted in the seat if it wasnt for his glittery pink suit, and when he kissed that ugly back up dancer.

oh god..
day 2

We went to esplande to eat lunch with the rest of the concord peeps
this includesss kevin and chloe..

wei ren, mandy and bryan!

then at 4, we left singapore, and went home.

2 days were too short, so me and ching are planning to go back in mid august, this time, maybe a week?
we're not sure yet, but i definitely, we definitely want to go back there again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

road trip

to singapore!

for 2 days.

finally a weekend to look forward to.


Monday, July 7, 2008


catching up with questionable content was very entertaining, i love that comic, i think there was one point where i thouht Marten was so cute, eventhough he's a fictional character.

But when i read episode..i'm not sure which one but i was between 1100 and 1150 heh.

i came across..


hey it only costs 8 us dollars.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i'm blogging at work..this is a first.

but yeah..

can someone please tell me what to do.. i suppose to be online right now anyway?

hey they gave me a laptop to use..

so yeah..

i'm so confused..