Wednesday, July 1, 2009

back for the summer

PLENTY of things to do this summer

and best of all, for these 2 and 1/2 months, I don't need to care about studying, except on 20th August onwards that is. However, it's still bloody worth it.

Goals for this summer?
  1. learn the piano
  2. lose weight, at least 4 kgs.
  3. travel!
  4. accessorize my mac :D
  5. RELAX

OH and btw these days I've been pretty busy setting up an online blog shop with Jasmine and Ching theing.

please please check it out :D 

the clothes are pretty nice and affordable =)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

the clock is ticking.

it's unbelievable that 
within 5 weeks we'll be sitting for our A2 exams.

and that
within 5 months we'll be going into universities.

we're getting old.
we have so much to decide.
we need to make a hell a lot of choices.
we have so many expectations from our parents, friends. and mostly ourselves.

we'll be separated.
we'll see each other less often.
we may not be as close as before.
we will not have the life we use to have and love.

well i guess it's another step you take in life.


i think it's the stress that's really hitting me.
i'm having my internal exams, and today is the 2nd day and i've realised how screwed i am for my a2 exams, and if i don't work hard, i wont be able to go to ucl.
the offer is AAA btw. so i really have to work hard.

because i'm not gifted. i'm not naturally smart and i don't have a particular talent in any subject. 

if i'm not able to meet the offer, i wouldn't want to regret and say that i never work enough to achieve what i had. 

i want to do the best i can.

oh god i sound so bloody emo.

shit. i have to study shit shit....

(p.s this blog will remain untouched until the summer when i finish my exams, sorry :D )

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the worst. hangover ever.

man..i feel like throwing up. i've spent my valentines day drunk. and this is probably the worst hangover i have ever had.

and i crave for greasy food. 


oh btw,
well i'm one day late. i was suppose to write this post yesterday but never got the time. 

but happy belated valentine's day.


i used to love having lots of presents on valentines day.
a bouquet of roses.
a huge teddy bear which has cheesy lines on it. 

you get the drift.

but come to think of it. valentine's day is suppose to be a day to celebrate your love for someone. it doesn't need to be symbolized with all the stupid gifts, fancy presents.
all you need is each other on that day.

my ideal valentine's day last time. was like
in the morning he'd surprise me with flowers, breakfast.
then bring me out for lunch at a small cafe.
then we'll walk around town.. shop a little.
then dinner at a fancy restaurant.

it's so superficial. that's what i think now.

right now, my ideal valentine's day would be.

well..there isnt any particular plan.
i'd just be happy if he decided to go out for a picnic even.
the point for valentine's day to me.
is just to spend as much time with that someone

that i love.