Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year everyone!

i'm off at 10.45 am to london.

i've been waiting a while for this, but my exams are in 13 days so i can't really let loose yet.

but oh well.

happy new year once again.

hopefully 2009 will be more interesting than 2008 :D


Sunday, December 21, 2008

i can't believe i lost myself again.

he placed a hand on my cheek and kissed me gently on the lips. i lifted my chin and parted my mouth, his tongue danced around mine a little, soft and warm. Suddenly he had his arms around me, and he was pulling me against him, until i could feel his heart beating against my chest.

i came across a story that i wrote half way about 22 chapters with blank spaces here and there. I just wish i had the time to finish it, or actually bring myself to finish it.
but obviously I can't, writing about these things just make me miss..



so nothing much has been going on, went out a few times, met up with jean and dana and the rest of the concord bunch. but i've been trying to study

and finally these 2 days have been productive, i've been studying quite a bit, probably because i'm still not ready for my resits and i'm bloody stress.
plus i'm going off in 2 weeks (can't wait!! woopee)

i can't believe i'm saying this, but i prefer the cold raining weather, than hot humid thunderstorms, and still i have to bear with the SLOW FRIGGIN SLOW internet.
even concord's internet is faster. heck anything is faster than streamyx.

so anyway, i just dyed my hair on friday, and i kinda want the colour to be lighter, but oh well you cant have everything right..

my life is kinda at stand still right now.

and i think it'll remain that way for a while.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

so what happened this term.

i'm currently updating my mac :D
it took me a few days to get used to it and started to customize it, and sadly i'm still not done 

with it. here's a screenshot click here if you want a larger view. 

so what happened this term?

i moved dorms, well not the scary old walls anymore, bell, is much more central and new, definitely, and plus we live just opposite the guy's dorm.
and guys that live opposite me are just interesting -.-

oh and i have new dorm mates, here are 2 of them, ching and mandy, we're the only 6.2's in the dorm, which is quite sad really, but people visit us from time to time :D.

well another thing i like about bell, is that it's bloody near to the student kitchen, it makes it easier for me to bake, but then again, i rarely have time to bake. But it's still a plus. Another would be it's really close to the sports hall. 

Speaking of which, i'm still very weight conscious. Being home makes me feel even worse, i've been sick theses couple of days and i'm still sick so i'm not exactly in the condition to exercise. and all i do know is eat, sleep and study abit. I lost a kg when i'm sick but i dont feel a bit healthy and i certainly don't look thin. And plus, it doesnt help when my dad constantly tells me to exercise. i'm so sick of it, it's not like i dont want to exercise, it's not that i'm not weight conscious. It's not like i don't care about myself.

Moving on, my room in bell is pretty cossy, it's on the 2nd floor so the ceiling's pretty high and my window overlooks the student kitchen, westend and the boys' dorms. 

These are pictures which i took when i first decorated my room with the photos, my room looks pretty different now cause i have put on some posters and more notices and stuff and  i also have moved my table to face the window, so my room looks so much more spacious now. 

the major events this term?

christmas concert,
christmas dinner.
well there was hari raya, the mooncake festival and blue genes day. but i didn't post the photos here, they are on facebook though.


i've never celebrated halloween before, but i always wanted to because i always liked the idea of people dressing up and looking like idiots. but it never occured to me to know what halloween actually is about. 
anywho it was quite fun because alot of people dressed up and did quite a number of peoples' make up. Not ALAN hehehe :P which is the guy with tones of make up.

Christmas Concert.

i sang in the choir and did a solo with basil (in the picture..oh god), who btw is an awesome guitarist :D who manage to do this with me last minute sorry sorry.

hhehe either way, it was loads of fun performing and i wouldnt mind doing it again, maybe this time a duet? maybe? or i might even play the piano myself depending on how much time i have to prepare for my exams.
since i don't think i'll ever have the chance to do this in uni anymore. 

Christmas Dinner.

i still can't believe i was able to walk in my 4 inch stillettos for 4 hours plus and in the cold eventhough i had a huge bruise on my foot. After the christmas concert, lucky it wasn't during my performance, but after the concert, i managed to slip on one of the steps of the stage and landed on my butt, but i still dont know how did i get a bruise on my foot. (i still have the bruise btw, the doctor said it'll take 3-5 weeks to heal, GOD DAMN IT)

The night was pretty fun, and i'm sure more than half of the college was drunk. It was one of the rare times where there are actually alot of people dancing.

So what now?

i'm at home, supposedly studying for my retakes in january, but so far i've done quite a few of math past papers, but i couldnt bring myself to do econs. I get distracted by my computer and also tv. 

Honestly, I can't wait to go back UK, i honestly can't stand the weather here and plus, to tell you the truth, i don't have much friends at home, i was never really close to the people in my secondary school, but hell it's in the past right, i can't do much about it now. 
Sides, I am suppose to pay attention to my studies.
i'm looking forward to the new term though, new students and finally some people with personality.


Monday, September 8, 2008

bacckk in concord.

let's just leave this space blank, until my life actually gets interesting here.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

i need clarity.

week 8:
my body friggin aches.

i can't stand up straight without feeling a pinch.

Result this week : No change in weight.


AS results were out today at i think about 3 pm?
so erm my results are pretty much crap, but yeah, it could've been worse.

but my Law results were just horrible.

i just thank god i didn't fail.


I just bought the Kenko Diet Plums today, and i will start consuming them on saturday, and according to what i've read i'll be goin to the toilet ALOT more than usual.

prepare for multiple explosions

lol that was sick.


Monday, August 11, 2008


okay so i've been going to the gym for about 4 weeks,
6 sessions of workout. 3 of them resulted in muscle aches, one of them which i suffering from now.

before these 4 weeks, i've been blindly exercising at home.
40 minutes on the treadmill, about 100 sit ups, 50 push ups
30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross trainer.

so yeah lemme see i've been exercising since i came back from uk, so that makes it about 7 weeks of exercising.

food pattern for the 1st 3 weeks

  • breakfast at 7.30 am ( i had to work)

brown rice flakes with dried cranberries and low fat milk

  • lunch at 12.30 pm

salad with vinegrad dressing/ egg sandwich with multigrain bread with no mayo/ if i don't have a choice like company lunches, i'd go for the no carbo, nothing fried option.

  • snack at about 4 pm

a cup of low fat milk/fruit/dried cranberries/dried apples

EXERCISE AT 5pm or 6 pm, for an hour

  • dinner at 8-8.30 pm

i cant runaway from this one : brown rice, dishes sometimes up to 4 this includes : tofu, vegetables, fish, chicken/pork. and a bowl of soup

and if i'm hungry, i'll have a glass of low fat milk and then go to bed.

Result : ABSOLUTELY NO FAT LOSS, well i continously weigh myself everyday, at one point i thought i lost 2 pounds, but then a week later, i gained the weight back.


food pattern for the next 4 weeks (total of 7 weeks)

  • breakfast at the earliest 8 am, latest 9 am. (depending on the time of my workout, 2 hours before my workout i have my breaktfast)

post bran flakes with dried cranberries and low fat milk


Special K cereal with dried cranberries and low fat milk

  • lunch at the earliest 1 pm, latest at 2 pm

i eat almost whatever i want, but normally i go for the nothing fried, no carbo option. No desserts sadly. If I have an option of salad, i'll go for salad, the one with no mayo and preferbably vinegrad dressing, or olive oil. (but on ocassions, i ate bak kut teh one sunday wow i only ate once of bak kut teh since i came back from uk)

  • snack (only when i'm hungry and when there's a 6 or more hours gap between my meals)

low fat yogurt/fruits/chestnuts/a cup of low fat milk

  • dinner at 7 pm

no carbs! dishes which include 4 dishes, 2 dishes of different types of vegetable, chicken/pork, tofu/beancurd, sometimes fish. and with a bowl of clear soup.

and nothing after that.

and i've also increased my water i drank 3 bottles of 795 ml water, that'll be 2.385 litters of water.

RESULT : I lost 2 KGs, but i don't see the difference sadly.


Goal : 3 more KGs to go!

Monday, July 14, 2008


me, ching and minde left corus hotel at 8.00 am, we went on the bus and the seats were pretty comfy, well if you're willing to pay 160 ringgit for AEROline, you'll get a comfy first class 5 hour bus ride to singapore!

We pretty much slept through the first half of the bus ride until we stopped for a toilet break.

and we came back we took over the conference room, which has sofas! haha the bus had 2 decks, seats upstairs and conference room and toilet downstairs. We wanted to take photos of us with the bus, but we were too lazy hhaha.

so here's a picture of the conference room , with ching in the picture, she just wants to be in it. heh

so here are the sofas! and trust me, i tried taking a photo of the conference room, without ching's face in it, i tried...

the bus also has it's own mini kitchen to heat your food up!

we had subway for breakfast haha, but unfortunately subway in malaysia sucks. The bread isn't as soft and fresh as the ones they have in UK.


at around 1 pm, we officially reached singapore! and this person here came to get us!

dana! ahhaha we left our stuff at her place, and went to takashimaya for lunch!
and then we met up with alan!
we made a mistake of eating thai for lunch though, because there was a food fest right downstairs, and there was soo many good food.
the amount of food we stuffed in our face is crazy.
the amount of food products we bought was just insane..

after eating all this good food, i thought to myself
i wouldn't mind living here, no no I wanna move here!

and here we are, literally stuffing our faces.
after that we went to heeren, to buy flip flops and just walk around


after that we went back to dana's place, because minde forgot to take the tickets for gary's concert.
both me and dana didn't know who the guy was, but we tagged along anyway.
we seriously didn't know who this gary was, all we knew is that he got an award, and that he was ugly hahahaha. And just before the concer started, we listened to his song for the 1st time.

and every concert is never complete with glowing sticks! and with dana and me there, we had to take photos!

about an hour later, out comes gary, with his red hair, pink suit, orange pants.

unfortunately, i couldnt zoom and all i got was a blurry picture of him, you couldnt really see his face. But the concer was good, filled with emo music and some upbeat songs, but his voice is truly heavenly, i swear i would have melted in the seat if it wasnt for his glittery pink suit, and when he kissed that ugly back up dancer.

oh god..
day 2

We went to esplande to eat lunch with the rest of the concord peeps
this includesss kevin and chloe..

wei ren, mandy and bryan!

then at 4, we left singapore, and went home.

2 days were too short, so me and ching are planning to go back in mid august, this time, maybe a week?
we're not sure yet, but i definitely, we definitely want to go back there again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

road trip

to singapore!

for 2 days.

finally a weekend to look forward to.


Monday, July 7, 2008


catching up with questionable content was very entertaining, i love that comic, i think there was one point where i thouht Marten was so cute, eventhough he's a fictional character.

But when i read episode..i'm not sure which one but i was between 1100 and 1150 heh.

i came across..


hey it only costs 8 us dollars.



Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i'm blogging at work..this is a first.

but yeah..

can someone please tell me what to do.. i suppose to be online right now anyway?

hey they gave me a laptop to use..

so yeah..

i'm so confused..


Sunday, June 29, 2008

kdu, bubba gump, gardens oh and also..


sorry just lemme go crazy for a bit.

ever since erm well hong kong, and my siste introduced me to these great, one of a kind, heaveenn. love it love it.

i was lucky there was a pair at my size =), i was lucky that it was their last day of promotion, and i got these babies at 40% off woot.

yogitree at the gardens, mid valley.

this place, serves food that is erm almost entirely organic.

organic eggs, veges, chicken too.

the setting's pretty cozy, but it's in the corner and not much people would know of the place, it's right next to isetan.

nasi lemak, which organic eggs and organic chicken. ahha.

their menu had alot of varieties of fruit juices, but unfortunately, it didnt taste really good because it's really diluted.
when typing the menu, they forgot to add "alot of water" into theire ingredients.
overall, yogitree is just the place to have a healthy meal, i had smoked salmon salad, i didn't take a picture because i've been dieting and i've only been eating salad for lunch.

sad i know.
anyway, yogitree is not bad of a place, and i wouldnt mind going there again.
The Yogitree (menu link here!)
Lot F-237B, 1st Floor,
(Isetan Side)Gardens Mid Valley,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2282 6163


on Friday, i decided to go kdu, so i dragged matt and adrian tan along =). and matt dragged kevin along.

i met up with triciaaa!

kdu hasnt changed at all, okay other than the food, but yeah it still look the same and everything else.

this guy hasnt changed as well, still remember the obscene picture i took last year? erm, i'll look for it and post a link here.

i met up with ee ping as well, and mr pang! mr pang said i gained weight, yeah i know. 5kgs is alot..oh god.

Bubble gump shrimp at the curve

after that we went to the curve for lunch, the deco's pretty interesting, it ha something to with a movie, which i have never seen or heard of and i forgot what it was..
either way

at each tabls they had this number plate, when it's down (blue: run forest run) means that you dont need service, when it's up (red: stop forest stop) you want service and a waiter will come serve you =)

i unfortunately didnt take photos of the food, i was still a little upset that, instead of eating like a burger or something, i'm eating salad again.
however, the salad was good though.
and the drinks are not bad.

overall it's quite a nice place to eat, i'd give it about a 8/10 rating?
Bubba Gump Shrimp
Lot 145, First Floor
The Curve
Jalan PJU 7/3Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03 -7710 9862/63


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

homeeee. yay this space is not dead!

ahhahaha so here are some pictures of the awesome time i had in concord =)

the photos are arranged from latest to the earliest pictures i had in concord!

a day at smithy's!

meet jean my dormate =)

she's crazy and she's from melaka! (why did you have to live there, live in kl lahh i miss youuu womann)

warwrick day trip!

the guy in the middle with no teeth, is my subway buddy, wei ren!
he's from singapore!
i can assure you that he's not kiasu, at least i dont think he is..

M&M's 18th!

meet (from clockwise) daryl, ching and daniel (jackkk!!!), that jack was drunk that night, and it was pretty funny that night watching him shouting at random people, even at butterflies

the whole bunch!
the party was at acton pigot, about a 5-10 minutes walk from campus.
it was minde's birthday and michael's birthday!

meet ding wei and michael! michael is my fellow guy poser, he's funny in photos =)
i'll post summore photos later, this post has just too many photos.
it just shows how much fun i had in concord.

talent show!

jenq yan's the guy in red and dana! is the one in yellow and minde is the one with the white blazer!
minde and michael sang together that night, they were great, and dana was one of the MC's.
dana's my aunty there =) she cooks and feeds me everytime i go to her room.

photo day!

alan. AH LANNN =) this guy also lives in singapore, and he is in my law class, but i droppped law hahahaha. but either way when i had law classes, we'd always be talking and the teacher would scold us.

from left: felix, chee yang, shane(the top), minde, ching, me, noah, jean.
felix is from hong kong wait or was it macau, sorry lah i forgot (dont kill me pls pls pls)
chee yang is from singapore! and so is shane! my sister and her friends call him windswipe because of his hair, too bad he has to cut it off for NS. awww :( (hahahahah)
noah's from sarawak! he's our senior! oh shane is our senior too! and he's jean's boyfriend.

west end opening/costume party!

from left: mandy, ching, me, yew hann(top), po leen, nikki, chee yang, dana.
mandy's from singapore, she's also and oldwaller, old walls is the place i live in so she stays in the same dorm just on the other block. she's damn tall, she's taller than me!!
yew hannn cooks alot! and he teaches me how to play foosball! (if that's how you spell it)
po leen is in most of my classes, she sits beside me in both of my maths classes, she's bloody smart.
nikki is po leen's roomate, she's really niceeee =)

kris is the one in red leggings, i was a 80's aerobic dancer but i dunno what she was trying to pull off she just said she wanted to wear silly and crazy stuff.
kris is my dormate, and she has 14 pairs of shoes or wait 15 pairs i lost count.

mayor's concert!

hahahaha my, jean and yew hann were in choir and we had to wear all black, and this made us looks like bodyguards and we just thought about camwhore.

ahhaha we were all wearing baju kurungs because we had dikir barat!

here are some more photos!

chinese new year dinner!

the dinner was in manchester! it was the first decent chinese food i had since erm i went there.

my fellow camwhorer =)

my dormatesssss!!


i know i know handcuffs, i had that as my bday present and i had to wear it through out tonight.

retarded picture!!! love ittt

at the thai restaurant, there's a thai restaurant in town, it's where we always eat.

cap go meh!

this was taken during dikir barat practicee, we were really bored.

before that we had hot pot at dana's dorm, the girl on the left is dana's sister, denise!
the hot pot was good, mm tom yam!
okay folks, i know it's alot of photos, but yeah i promise to write more tomorrow!