Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year everyone!

i'm off at 10.45 am to london.

i've been waiting a while for this, but my exams are in 13 days so i can't really let loose yet.

but oh well.

happy new year once again.

hopefully 2009 will be more interesting than 2008 :D


Sunday, December 21, 2008

i can't believe i lost myself again.

he placed a hand on my cheek and kissed me gently on the lips. i lifted my chin and parted my mouth, his tongue danced around mine a little, soft and warm. Suddenly he had his arms around me, and he was pulling me against him, until i could feel his heart beating against my chest.

i came across a story that i wrote half way about 22 chapters with blank spaces here and there. I just wish i had the time to finish it, or actually bring myself to finish it.
but obviously I can't, writing about these things just make me miss..



so nothing much has been going on, went out a few times, met up with jean and dana and the rest of the concord bunch. but i've been trying to study

and finally these 2 days have been productive, i've been studying quite a bit, probably because i'm still not ready for my resits and i'm bloody stress.
plus i'm going off in 2 weeks (can't wait!! woopee)

i can't believe i'm saying this, but i prefer the cold raining weather, than hot humid thunderstorms, and still i have to bear with the SLOW FRIGGIN SLOW internet.
even concord's internet is faster. heck anything is faster than streamyx.

so anyway, i just dyed my hair on friday, and i kinda want the colour to be lighter, but oh well you cant have everything right..

my life is kinda at stand still right now.

and i think it'll remain that way for a while.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

so what happened this term.

i'm currently updating my mac :D
it took me a few days to get used to it and started to customize it, and sadly i'm still not done 

with it. here's a screenshot click here if you want a larger view. 

so what happened this term?

i moved dorms, well not the scary old walls anymore, bell, is much more central and new, definitely, and plus we live just opposite the guy's dorm.
and guys that live opposite me are just interesting -.-

oh and i have new dorm mates, here are 2 of them, ching and mandy, we're the only 6.2's in the dorm, which is quite sad really, but people visit us from time to time :D.

well another thing i like about bell, is that it's bloody near to the student kitchen, it makes it easier for me to bake, but then again, i rarely have time to bake. But it's still a plus. Another would be it's really close to the sports hall. 

Speaking of which, i'm still very weight conscious. Being home makes me feel even worse, i've been sick theses couple of days and i'm still sick so i'm not exactly in the condition to exercise. and all i do know is eat, sleep and study abit. I lost a kg when i'm sick but i dont feel a bit healthy and i certainly don't look thin. And plus, it doesnt help when my dad constantly tells me to exercise. i'm so sick of it, it's not like i dont want to exercise, it's not that i'm not weight conscious. It's not like i don't care about myself.

Moving on, my room in bell is pretty cossy, it's on the 2nd floor so the ceiling's pretty high and my window overlooks the student kitchen, westend and the boys' dorms. 

These are pictures which i took when i first decorated my room with the photos, my room looks pretty different now cause i have put on some posters and more notices and stuff and  i also have moved my table to face the window, so my room looks so much more spacious now. 

the major events this term?

christmas concert,
christmas dinner.
well there was hari raya, the mooncake festival and blue genes day. but i didn't post the photos here, they are on facebook though.


i've never celebrated halloween before, but i always wanted to because i always liked the idea of people dressing up and looking like idiots. but it never occured to me to know what halloween actually is about. 
anywho it was quite fun because alot of people dressed up and did quite a number of peoples' make up. Not ALAN hehehe :P which is the guy with tones of make up.

Christmas Concert.

i sang in the choir and did a solo with basil (in the picture..oh god), who btw is an awesome guitarist :D who manage to do this with me last minute sorry sorry.

hhehe either way, it was loads of fun performing and i wouldnt mind doing it again, maybe this time a duet? maybe? or i might even play the piano myself depending on how much time i have to prepare for my exams.
since i don't think i'll ever have the chance to do this in uni anymore. 

Christmas Dinner.

i still can't believe i was able to walk in my 4 inch stillettos for 4 hours plus and in the cold eventhough i had a huge bruise on my foot. After the christmas concert, lucky it wasn't during my performance, but after the concert, i managed to slip on one of the steps of the stage and landed on my butt, but i still dont know how did i get a bruise on my foot. (i still have the bruise btw, the doctor said it'll take 3-5 weeks to heal, GOD DAMN IT)

The night was pretty fun, and i'm sure more than half of the college was drunk. It was one of the rare times where there are actually alot of people dancing.

So what now?

i'm at home, supposedly studying for my retakes in january, but so far i've done quite a few of math past papers, but i couldnt bring myself to do econs. I get distracted by my computer and also tv. 

Honestly, I can't wait to go back UK, i honestly can't stand the weather here and plus, to tell you the truth, i don't have much friends at home, i was never really close to the people in my secondary school, but hell it's in the past right, i can't do much about it now. 
Sides, I am suppose to pay attention to my studies.
i'm looking forward to the new term though, new students and finally some people with personality.