Monday, December 31, 2007


okay maybe it's not the new year yet but hell.

it'll be in 1 hour...and 6 minutes time.

and in 1 day, 13 hours and 4 minutes i'll be in London.

and i dont think i'd be able to blog for a while after that, i heard concord blocks facebook, blogspot etc.

but there's alwas proxy servers right..

wait for it i guess.

happy new year everyone,


Thursday, December 27, 2007

christmas, hong kong, stitches

here's a LOOOOOONGGG post for you guys.
so sorry for the lack of updates. i've been really busy.

just about 10 days ago, i got my wisdom teeth taken out, 2 of them, i got stitches and i couldnt eat hard stuff for a very long time, i still cant now, because i'm too god damn paranoid. I took off my stitches today, i thought i can eat anything now and everything would go back to normal, i went home went to the bathroom to have a look at my teeth, and i was freaking out when i saw a hole of where the stitches used to be.

oh here's a picture of my stitches (IF YOU DONT WANT TO SEE THIS PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ALREADY.)

just kidding, just click here.

anyway i saw the hole, i was freaking out i was running around the house calling my mother, i wasn't wearing any pants because i wanted to change into shorts.
"there's no hole lah"
*signals my sister to come look*
"eh really lah there's a big hole there."

then it turns out. i am suppose to have some gap there.

thanks for not telling me. sorry neighbours seeing me without pants on must have scarred you for life.

the surgery was kinda scary.. OKAY IT WAS, I'M A PUSSY (i have a fear of medical procedures, and needles, okay basically anything that has to do with stuff poking into me)

they had to give me 2.5 doses of i had..3 needle marks on my hand.

anyway. moving on to hong kong.

we reached there at about..6..and it was dark already, we had dinner and sadly i didnt take any photos of the food because i couldnt eat anything but porridge. and trust me, eventhough i said the porridge was good, i was so sick of it.

so blogging about food i couldnt eat, is not such a good idea.

the photo up there is taken at the avenue of stars

the place has lots of lights and lots of people posing infront of statues and stuff of the famous hong kong actors. there were handprints on the floor as well, but i didnt take a picture though.

anyway to sum up the trip.

the shopping was crazy, we bought 6 jeans from 7 jeans (if you dont know what brand that is, google it, it's one of the best brand jeans on earth) for 1896 hong kong dollars, that's about, 948 ringgit, for 6 pairs of jeans..

a pair of 7 jeans in hong kong would only cost, 158 RINGGIT MY GOD.

i bought a pair of 7 jeans from Isetan before, and that cost me about 500 ringgit AND IT WAS ON SALE. the ones that werent on sale were about 700-800 ringgit.

me and my sister got the same pair of tod's shoes (okay maybe the shoes arent mine, but i was wearing them)


Christmas eve at Prego, Westin.

the deco was pretty cool.

we had to wear these things that made us look like show girls.

and my dad as a...i really don't know.

and no, i didn't take photos of food again because i couldnt eat much again and if i could i was taking a really long time to chew.

but the food was good, so please go the Prego and enjoy a dinner :D.


oh i almost forgot,

don't forget to check out this shop in hong kong, it's on the peak, just ask the cab driver to drive you to the peak, get on the escalator and you'll see...

a complete leisure for your living.
(4 days to london, wait. it's shrewsbury sorry lol.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

very sorry.

i've been really busy lately, i have to get everything ready before i get to London.

so yeah i'm gonna be on a hiatus until i really settle down.

maybe after christmas i'll be back


Saturday, December 1, 2007

james morrison.

sorry i posted this so late.
last night i went to Genting to watch Kitaro, and this morning i had to wake up at 7.30 to go for the stupid undang class (which was really a waste of time, eventhough the guy was quite funny). BLANK.

live n loud kl. (acoustic)
the place was pretty packed, i got there at 8.30 and the show starts at 8, but when we got there, there was a long line, and it took us 30 minutes to even get in the place.
it was free seating, so the place at we sat is kinda sucky, well at least i have this big board beside me.
ah james morrison =)
before he played, some malay girl sang i forgot her name, and Rick Price. He's not bad for a singer, but his songs are pretty boring.
the stage was pretty far from us. i couldn't take a really good shot (i'm not use to using this camera at night, i didnt even know where's the night shooting mode)
but i had this big board beside me, so it wasn't all that bad.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the gardens.

went to the gardens today and we ate at din tai fung.


the deco was pretty homey, pretty much like the one in Singapore, but i still say taipei's one is the best.

we ordered the beef la mian, the soup was good, the meet was really tender.
we ordered the vegetables (which i forgotten the name to), the beans were crunchy and very tasty, sweet and saltish, but just a little too sweet for me, but i still liked it.
next came the shrip and pork jiao zi,
the skin was not too thick, the meat was really fresh, really good
siao long bao, these tiny little dumplings are filled with soup, this obviously wasn't a let down since this is their speciality, the skin was thin, but not thin enough to make it break easily, i couldn't take a photo after i took a bite out of it because i didn't want any soup to go to waste :P
the gardens is a pretty airy place, i wouldn't say it's big, comparing to Pavillion, KLCC, One Utama it's pretty small. I'd say its size is about Bangsar Village 2.
Not all the shops are opened, but most of them are, still there are very little people walking around, probably because it's a weekday.
we browsed around the shops, until i saw this.
Piko! okay lah maybe it's not Peako, but it's close enough. (dont worry peak sheng, it's not a porn shop or anything like that, the place is actually quite interesting, lots of funky things, kinda like Gizmo.)
Din Tai Fung
Lot LG – 207
Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
(P.S : the woman who knocked my mom's car, her hushband called my dad. He decided not to apollogise, but also not to report, so we just left it at that)

Monday, November 26, 2007

my car got hit.


here's a very simple illustration i did.
i was just on the way home from ou, mom was driving, i was seating in front, and ee ping at the back seat. We didn't even realise that there was a car beside us, that wanted to turn in the left junction.
she signaled after the bump, and she just drove. and then.

our car got hit, but lucky my mom was driving the volvo, and she was driving the really old merz, only our front bumper got hit, but it wasnt much damage, but her door had a huge dent, well it's her fault anyway.
she got out of the car and she started shouting already. (by the way, she just left her car in that position, how inconsiderate, the other cars behind couldn't move)
we drove to the side lane, and she got out of the car again, and non stop nagging.
"you should know i wanted to turn in that lane to swipe my card" (she was turning into her condominium, how does she expect we knew that she stayed there?)
"you were driving too fast"
"how does anyone drive fast after a bump?" - my mom.
she just won't stop claiming she's right, lucky this was near my house, and my driver was there and my dad was in the house. So i called my dad, and he arrived, he also thought that my mom wasn't at fault, and if she wants to make a police report about it, whatever we'll see who gets there 1st.
what do you think?
who was wrong?
but sheesh, if you want to turn in the left junction, KEEP TO THE FRIGGIN LEFT.

Friday, November 23, 2007

it's over.

well obviously you cant see what's exactly on my desktop unless, you click on the photo BUT what i want you to see is this.

basically, i had everything planned out for what i was going to do after spm, i was suppose to go klcc. but.

because of the stupid road block, i cant get to kl, basically the government is trying to stop Indians from going to kl to protest about Indian rights (okay not exactly).

i shall explain.
The Indians wants Britain to pay damages of 1 million pounds to each of Malaysia's 2 million ethnic Indians for rights abuses which traces to colonial-era labour schemes that brought their ancestors to Malaysia as indentured workers.

On 25th November 2007, Hindraf or Hindu Rights Action Force are submitting the petition to her royal highness Queen Elizabeth () at britsh high counsel at Kuala Lumpur. So the British need 100,000 Indian people's signatures for that petition.


until sunday. CRAP ALL PLANS GONE.


Thursday, November 8, 2007


because SPM is next week.

this hiatus will only be for 2 weeks.

because I only take 9 subjects and all of you guys taking accounts have to sufferrr! HAHAH. sorry lol.

after spm, i'll go crazy, i think i'll go visit the gardens and eat at ding tai fung anddd hopefully find all the stuff i want for prom to match my dress.

i can't believe the year is almost over.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

soho in one utama.

i have always loved this place ever since it opened. I thought the deco was pretty cool, white chairs, high ceilings, black tables.

good food.

what is there not to like?

either way soho in is the old wing, just beside the escalator to one world hotel, the place is white, i dont think you can miss it.

i suggest if you ever go to soho, take the ones next to the window, or close to the windows, cause the place is a little chilly and constantly plays chinese music (sorry not a fan, but yeah) quite loudly.

right after you order, you're given these (it's not free, neither is the very nicely packed tissue). It basically has carrots, cucumbers and fried spring roll of some sort but only with garlic (if i'm not mistaken, but anywho, it's very addictive), you can ask for seconds if you are willing to pay.

we ordered la mian with beef (they say it's spicy, but i need to put chilli to make it spicy, but it still tastes damn god), make sure you ask for the chilli in oil (but with less oil).
the beef is really tender and you wont take a hard time to chew it.

next we order lo bak kou (radish cake), it didn't look to yummy though, it tasted really bad after i took a bite. Thankfully, the place has good service, they replaced our dish immediately.

next we ordered, shit i forgotte what this is called, either way there's fu jok in there, and it's wrapped around with cheong fun (ask them they should know, once i found out the name i'll edit this post.)

and for dessert

liu xa bau (custard buns) okay the one on the the left looks retarded, but it tastes good anyway so i dont really mind.

the thing is super hot and you have to becareful when you eat it, because once you have a bite of this thing

custard starts oozing out (just make sure you dont spill, it'd be a waste!)


SOHO By Jun Sdn Bhd
G218 One Utama
(next to Johnny's steamboat)
Tel : 03 - 7722 2155


deepavali's tomorrow.

i wonder if the guy would let me take photos of his food at his house.


Monday, November 5, 2007

korean food and indonesian food.


is a traditional Indonesian dish.

it's basically vegetable sald served with peanut sauce.

that's how it's suppose to look like. It looks pretty disgusting eh.
either way my mom decided to just try making it for fun, and trust me it looks better than that.

it looks damn nice actually.
basically all the vegetables are cooked in hot water.


long beans and cabbage.

carrots and beancurd.
prawn fritters (i love this, i think i ate all of it, okay lah i'm not that selfish.)

it's suppose to be peanut sauce, but it's really spicy sambal (but more watery)

and we add the peanuts.

mix all the vegetables and such and the sauce and peanuts. and there we go.

dinner - korean food

the place is called KoRyo Won Korean Restaurant. It is located at Wisma Antarabangsa, 2nd floor. The place is pretty quiet at night.
okay the place is pitch black, and you can hear the air conditioner, and the restaurant is the only place that is opened (at least i think it is, there might be another japanese restaurant downstairs but i didnt check)

the place is pretty empty, but most probably it's because it's a sunday night, but i'm sure this place is packed on the weekdays during lunch time.

they will serve you cold dishes, bean sprouts, kimchi, vegetbles, beancurd, stuff like that.
and when you get there please order the barbecue beef, because it's damnn good.
order this seafood pancake as well. Well there's very little seafood, but hell it tastes good
Kimchi soup, basically they serve this thing is a hot pot, with cabbage, seafood (if you ordered seafood, i suggest you order the beef one), toufu. that's basically it.
it's damn spicy, but it's damn good.
the bill came and all this costs 190+ with tax. Well we had lots of seafood and the beef is expensive too. But i think it was worth it.
KoRyo Won Korean Restaurant
Lot 19, Arcade West,
Main Lobby,K.L.
Mutiara Hotel(Kompleks Antarabangsa 2F),
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : +603-2142 7655 / 2142 4939