Thursday, August 14, 2008

i need clarity.

week 8:
my body friggin aches.

i can't stand up straight without feeling a pinch.

Result this week : No change in weight.


AS results were out today at i think about 3 pm?
so erm my results are pretty much crap, but yeah, it could've been worse.

but my Law results were just horrible.

i just thank god i didn't fail.


I just bought the Kenko Diet Plums today, and i will start consuming them on saturday, and according to what i've read i'll be goin to the toilet ALOT more than usual.

prepare for multiple explosions

lol that was sick.


Monday, August 11, 2008


okay so i've been going to the gym for about 4 weeks,
6 sessions of workout. 3 of them resulted in muscle aches, one of them which i suffering from now.

before these 4 weeks, i've been blindly exercising at home.
40 minutes on the treadmill, about 100 sit ups, 50 push ups
30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross trainer.

so yeah lemme see i've been exercising since i came back from uk, so that makes it about 7 weeks of exercising.

food pattern for the 1st 3 weeks

  • breakfast at 7.30 am ( i had to work)

brown rice flakes with dried cranberries and low fat milk

  • lunch at 12.30 pm

salad with vinegrad dressing/ egg sandwich with multigrain bread with no mayo/ if i don't have a choice like company lunches, i'd go for the no carbo, nothing fried option.

  • snack at about 4 pm

a cup of low fat milk/fruit/dried cranberries/dried apples

EXERCISE AT 5pm or 6 pm, for an hour

  • dinner at 8-8.30 pm

i cant runaway from this one : brown rice, dishes sometimes up to 4 this includes : tofu, vegetables, fish, chicken/pork. and a bowl of soup

and if i'm hungry, i'll have a glass of low fat milk and then go to bed.

Result : ABSOLUTELY NO FAT LOSS, well i continously weigh myself everyday, at one point i thought i lost 2 pounds, but then a week later, i gained the weight back.


food pattern for the next 4 weeks (total of 7 weeks)

  • breakfast at the earliest 8 am, latest 9 am. (depending on the time of my workout, 2 hours before my workout i have my breaktfast)

post bran flakes with dried cranberries and low fat milk


Special K cereal with dried cranberries and low fat milk

  • lunch at the earliest 1 pm, latest at 2 pm

i eat almost whatever i want, but normally i go for the nothing fried, no carbo option. No desserts sadly. If I have an option of salad, i'll go for salad, the one with no mayo and preferbably vinegrad dressing, or olive oil. (but on ocassions, i ate bak kut teh one sunday wow i only ate once of bak kut teh since i came back from uk)

  • snack (only when i'm hungry and when there's a 6 or more hours gap between my meals)

low fat yogurt/fruits/chestnuts/a cup of low fat milk

  • dinner at 7 pm

no carbs! dishes which include 4 dishes, 2 dishes of different types of vegetable, chicken/pork, tofu/beancurd, sometimes fish. and with a bowl of clear soup.

and nothing after that.

and i've also increased my water i drank 3 bottles of 795 ml water, that'll be 2.385 litters of water.

RESULT : I lost 2 KGs, but i don't see the difference sadly.


Goal : 3 more KGs to go!